Getting Work Done While Enjoying Life as a Digital Nomad


The life of the digital nomad can certainly be an attractive one, but that is not to say that it does not come with its own peculiar difficulties and challenges. Many people think of this style of making a living as something like a perpetual vacation, with an ever-changing backdrop of the world’s most beautiful places turning work into something very much like play. The reality, as most find out before long, can be quite a bit more mixed. The fact is that the very attractions of the digital nomad way of living can make it challenging to buckle down and actually get some work done. As those who read this article on Medium will see, though, there are some good ways of getting around these potential pitfalls.

Having already seen and dealt with the many associated challenges himself, the author of that blog has some useful advice to offer. One important point that often goes overlooked is that structure can be every bit as important to the digital nomad as to those who remain cursed to work in cubicles. While it can seem like freedom must necessarily become the rule for those who take on the entire world as their offices, the fact is that focusing and settling down can be very beneficial.

Fortunately, there are many effective ways of achieving this, with more cropping up every day. One proven tactic is to sign up at a local co-working space immediately upon arriving in a new city and to make showing up there on a regular, stable schedule an absolute requirement. While many will decide that being overly strict in this respect will not be entirely necessary, just having this reliable, consistent destination to show up to can make it much easier to pursue work-related goals.

Another useful strategy is to develop some habits that encourage the completion of work as early in the day as possible. Some discover that living abroad on beautiful beaches and similarly entrancing places can lead to new levels of procrastination. Fighting these urges early on and developing a commitment to finishing up with work before play begins can make the difference.